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What our graduates say about the course

“Coach Val has impacted not only our careers but also our faith. He is a big example of how God works when we let him work on ourselves, most especially, in our careers. He's a living testimony of how God designed us for a certain path and purpose and uses us to touch people's lives. This person speaks wisdom and life. Coach Val has impacted not only our careers but also our faith. He is a big example of how God works when we let him work on ourselves, most especially, in our careers. ”

Maica Shenier M. Abes, Associate Software Engineer , Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1

“It also allowed me to have a clearer purpose and goal in my career. So, if you’re someone who wants clarity on your career or know that there’s something more into it than just giving you income, take this program and free yourself from most of the questions that you have about it so you can have a better outlook in your career path.”

Charles Geronimo, LPT, Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1

“Clarity for Career Seekers is the transformational program out in the market I have come across. The ideals are set from the beginning and the finalè are very realistic. The fee I paid for this is like buying a candy but the taste is like a platter of all sweets - simply awesome! Whether you seek career advancement, exploration or shift, this is the right program for it will give you safety and yes, clarity of course!”

Millet Marbella, Life and Wealth Coach,Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1

“I believe that there are many courses in finding out my strengths and finding clarity with my business purpose but there is a great factor on who will teach it. Coach Val really walked the talk. He was very instrumental in seeking clarity. I'm confident to say that He is really talented in this kind of coaching. He conducted the coaching / program in a way that you can really be authentic with your feelings. My learning through this coaching will surely impact not only me but also the people around me. ”

Philip Jordan Gomez, Business Owner,Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1

“Becoming aware of your own strengths and values wasn't enough, it must be crafted into your own purpose statement that will remind you everyday on what truly matters. Coach Val gave a structured and insightful coaching program that will really encourage you to dig deep into your inner self so that when you are in a situation where you are pulled into many directions, you'll know better which way to go because you're aware of the driving reason on why you are going that way.”

Vin Page, Operations Manager,Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1

“If you feel lost and confused in your career, and you want to seek for clarity, I highly recommend that you join this program. This was a great opportunity for me to focus on my strengths and core values, as well as to reflect and discover my purpose and goal. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Coach Val for the wisdom, guidance, and patience you have shared with us.”

Camille Joy Sampang, Young Professional,Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1

“The Clarity for Career Seekers by Coach Val happened at the time I am uncertain about what's the next step to take in my career. The program helped me to take a pause to hear myself, identify my strengths and values. All these, lead me to define my purpose and set a direction for myself on which path to take. Coach Val is very passionate in what he does and is genuine in his desire to journey with people seeking clarity in their careers.”

Joy Lagasca, Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1

“I like how coach Val designed this program - from identifying your your passion, talents, core values and life purpose and calling. Best part? Learning from others too!”

Bevs Fernandez, Financial Advisor,Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1

“I highly recommend the Clarity for Career Seekers Program for all people from all walks of life to truly find deeper meaning of their existence as a person, mission to fulfill in life and attain Success, Excellence and Happiness in their chosen career with their God given gifts and potentials.”

Dr. Mernie Virginia Comendador, Ph.D., Consultant and Sun Life Financial Advisor,Clarity for Career Seekers Batch 1


Val Baguios III

Gallup Certified Strength Coach & Associate Certified Coach

Hi! I'm coach Val. I help people discover their God-given talents and use them to become the person they want to be. I work as an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant. I'm happy and fulfilled with what I do. It's not perfect but I have joy inside of me knowing I get to help people find meaning in what they do. My heart is for you to experience joy and fulfilment in your career too.
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