What You'll Get

  • Get clarity on concepts to craft your career plan.

  • Build your career on your strengths.

  • Actionable steps in your career plan​.

  • 7 sessions of value packed learning​.

  • Output-oriented sessions​.

  • Live coaching group​.


Below are the schedule for each session.

  • Welcome Session - Monday, May 10, 7PM

  • Session 1 & 2: Watch videos before Session 3 starts

  • Session 3: Live Group Coaching on Strengths and Core Values - Friday, May 17, 7PM

  • Session 4: Watch videos before Session 5 starts

  • Session 5: Live Group Coaching Session on Purpose and Goal Statements - Friday, May 21, 7PM

  • Session 6: Culmination Night - Friday, May 30, 7PM


To confirm your enrollment, please settle the learning fee.

LEARNING FEE: 3,500 pesos only

You may deposit either one of the following bank details.

BPI Savings
Account Name: Valentino Baguios III
Account Number: 3919232896

BDO Savings
Account Name: Valentino Baguios III
Account Number: 006900130568

Account Name: Charissa Baguios
Account Number: 0917 543 7081

Account Email: val@valbaguios.com

IMPORTANT: To confirm your payment, send the deposit slip to claritybycoachval@gmail.com

If you availed of our discounted rate, please send us the referral code together with deposit slip.

For questions and clarifications, please contact us through:
Email: claritybycoachval@gmail.com
Phone: +63 917 5437081
Day/Time: Mondays-Saturdays 1PM-6PM

Clarity for Career Seekers